October 12, 2013

Big Girl (Almost)

My school is on Fall Break right now, which means I had Thursday and Friday off work and got to stay home with my baby girl. Even though we didn't do anything special, I really enjoyed having these extra days with Sophie. We went to visit a friend and her cute new baby, saw a bunch of my extended family at a baby shower for my cousin, cleaned the house, went for walks, decorated for Halloween, and spent time reading and playing.

We also went to the grocery store, which was so much more enjoyable on a Thursday mid-morning than our normal Saturday trip. I let Sophie sit in the cart for the first time, instead of her car seat. She really liked it at first, but by the time we were back in the dairy section she was starting to lean a bit, and eventually fell all the way over. After several failed attempts to get her to sit upright again, I took her out and carried her. Silly girl. I guess it's back to the car seat next time.

Happy girl in the produce section - I love my little shopping buddy

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