October 6, 2013

My Other 500 Children

Sophie hasn't realized it yet, but she's not an only child. Over the summer I acquired 500 other children when I changed positions at my work and moved from the front office to the computer lab. I am now a teacher!

Students in kindergarten to 6th grade rotate through computer lab each week, and I am proud to say I know 98% of their names - there are a bunch of kindergarten girls that all look the same to me who I am still trying to sort out. Most of the students also know my name, although on a daily basis I am still called teacher-teacher, Mrs. Howie, Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Ho, or Mrs. Ashby (she is the music teacher and sometimes the kids get us mixed up).

My only teaching experience up to this point had been for primary, so it's been a learning experience! There was no computer class last year, and there is no official computer curriculum, so I get to "write the book". This has been hard because all the weight is on me to create fun, informative lessons, but it has been nice to have complete flexibility to teach what I want.

I have also been surprised by the wide range of ability - some kids have had no computer experience and try to use both hands to move the mouse, while some of their peers are signing into Facebook the minute I turn my back. Why would a 6 year old have any interest in Facebook???

Despite the challenges, however, I do enjoy this new job. Each day it gets a little easier as the students and I learn and grow together. I love working with the kids, and their enthusiasm makes it all worth it.

The computer lab - 30 trusty old XP desktops


Angela said...

I love the brightly colored lamps and pictures. Was that your doing? I am so impressed that you know the kids names. Good luck writing your curriculum, that would be daunting.

michelle williams said...

You are so impressive!!! Enjoy those kiddos.