October 31, 2013

Howe Pumpkin 2013

This year I almost didn't get a pumpkin carved in time for Halloween. As of this afternoon the pumpkin we got at the patch on Saturday was still sitting happy and whole on the front porch. Knowing I had only a few hours until trick-or-treaters started showing up, I threw a bunch of stuff on the floor to entertain Sophie and broke out the knives.

 I cut, cleaned, and carved this pumpkin in only 30 minutes! I originally wanted to carve "HOWE" next to the pumpkin tower, but after Sophie got her fingers stuck in the VCR (yes, we still have a VCR) I decided to speed things up a little and went with just a big "H" instead. Because I was going so fast there are also some structural issues and I had to use a few toothpicks to hold it together, but overall I am quite proud of how it turned out!

And one more picture of our cute little chicken :)

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