October 10, 2013

Finally Some Real Food

Even though Sophie is almost 7 months old, she still hadn't started any solid foods. Nursing was going great and she was growing tremendously well on breast milk, so we just weren't feeling any pressure to make any changes to her diet.

On the other hand, she was very interested in everything we were eating, then she started waking up hungry every three hours at night, and when I found her eating wipes a couple days ago, I took it as a signal that this girl is ready for something more substantial.

So tonight we introduced her to sweet potatoes, and I would say she's a fan!


AmyH said...

Will likes that photo a lot. It must remind him of someone :)

Angela said...

what a cutie! I remember my first child trying to eat the newspaper while we read it. That was back in 1998, now young parents don't even get the newspaper.