September 25, 2013


Back in July I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by life - I had been out of town for four weeks, we had to move by the end of the month, my sister was getting married, I was starting a new job as computer lab teacher in August, Dave was starting school again, and I needed to find a babysitter/daycare for Sophie. One afternoon I sat down and made a list of every thing that needed to get done and I ended up filling up an entire sheet of notebook paper. I remember thinking at the time, "this is sooo much to do, but come September, for better or worse, it will all be over."

Now September is here (in fact it's almost over) and somehow everything got done. Phew! We are pretty much settled into our new place in Draper and love it so much better than our apartment in Sandy (I'll post pictures soon). I now have 5 weeks of teaching under my belt, and although it's hard work, I feel like things are going well. We also found a great babysitter for Sophie, who literally lives around the corner from my school. I was having some serious anxiety about finding someone to watch her, and it has been a huge blessing for me to know she's close by and in good hands.

Life is still busy - between work, school, and Sophie I feel like Dave and I get no time together - but we have settled into a groove and I hope it will be smooth sailing for the next little while. We are excited for fall and everything that comes with a new season!!

Sophie loving her morning walk

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