August 11, 2013

This One's for Daddy

Dave is out of town right now. He left on Friday to attend the Academy of Management conference in Orlando, where he will be presenting on Monday. This is our third night Sophie and I have spent together and we are missing him, and I am sure he is missing us.Good luck tomorrow Dave!

Enjoying the toy buffet! Sophie likes to sit in the Bumbo while I work in the kitchen. I put random things on the counter by her and she will grab them one by one. After they have all fallen off, I put them back up and she will go through the line up again.

Looking at herself in the mirror in our bathroom

On Saturday we went up to Salt Lake to visit my grandma. While there I took Sophie down to the backyard to meet "Scary Frog", a frog I used to be afraid of when I was little - I guess she is braver than I was

Swinging in the front yard

Enjoying daddy's side of the bed on Sunday morning

Sitting up like a big girl

All tuckered out

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