August 24, 2013

Sophie at 5 Months

Another month has gone by and I find myself thinking when did my baby get so big?? It's still amazing to me how fast babies change at this age. Looking back over the last month Sophie has grown and learned so much. She continues to be a very happy baby, and in our new ward at church we are known as "the parents of the cute baby that smiles at everyone." She has recently made friends with some of the neighborhood kids, who frequently come over to ask if Sophie can come out so they can push her in the swing. We love her so much!!

Sophie at 5 Months
  • Is 26 inches long and weighs almost 16 pounds
  • Rolls like a champ and can no longer be left unattended on the bed or couch
  • Sleeps 12 hours at night (10 in her own bed and 2 in ours) with one feeding
  • Will try to grab anything that comes into her reach, including toys, clothes, phones, remote controls, keys, hair, the dinner plate, etc... 
  • Favorite activities include being outside, shredding paper (junk mail is her favorite), smiling at anyone who will look at her, and playing with daddy
  • Has two teeth on the bottom! They came in at the same time about two weeks ago. She does not, however, want me to take a picture of them
  • Is still exclusively breastfed, which has been a challenge at times now that I am back at work, but we have worked hard to make it work!
  • Is very close to sitting independently - she can do it, but still topples from time to time so I only let her sit if she's on something soft


AmyH said...

She's getting so big!! And I can't believe she has teeth and is sitting! She'll be ready for some turkey when you come for thanksgiving :)

Jane Anne said...

She is so cute!!

Angela said...

what an adorable baby. My kids were exclusively breastfed too. I tried with a bottle but was never successful. Luckily at about 4 months they started eating baby food and soon after learned to drink water from a sippy cup.