August 1, 2013

Fun with Cousins

While I was in Washington my sister Amy was also in town with her two kids Anne (3) and Will (1). Anne was especially interested in “helping” me take care of Sophie. At the end of the trip I got to wrangle all three of these cute kiddos for a couple days while my mom and sister were running Ragnar – it was an adventure!

I found Sophie like this during one of her naps – Anne’s explanation was “I was helping her be comfortable”

Anne helping with Sophie's bath - I let her pour water and comb Sophie's hair. Sophie needed a bath because she had a blowout and while I was taking off her dirty clothes Anne and Will found some whiteboard markers and colored on themselves. You can see some of Anne's artwork on her arm :)

Will wasn't too sure about Sophie at first, but had warmed up to her by the end of the trip

In their navy and white coordinating outfits (unplanned) after church

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