July 14, 2013

Trip to Texas

After our week at the beach in North Carolina the vacation didn't end! We flew straight to Texas to spend another week with Dave's family. We also got to catch up with friends and meet the 3 new babies that were born just a couple months after Sophie. We'll be coming back to Texas for Christmas and it will be fun to see all these babies rolling, sitting, and crawling around!

After the full house at the beach it was nice to get some one-on-one quiet time with my baby

Our little minion - big eyes and stunned expression! We took Sophie to her first movie with four of her cousins and she did pretty good. She only had to leave once for a quick diaper change and I don't think most people in the theater even knew she was there.

In Texas Sophie developed an interest in books and likes it when we read to her

Swimming on the 4th of July with cousin Liam and aunt Liz - we had a family barbecue, played some games and watched fireworks later that night

Patriotic Baby

One we night did some go kart races at Pole Position with Dave's brothers and Ally and Jack - it was so much fun!!

Dave with his boys (minus Ben) - they got together a few times for some pool basketball and & barbecue

The play room at Dave's house has a hammock and Sophie enjoyed several naps here during the week

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