July 18, 2013

Travel Baby

Between our vacations we have spent at least a week in all four time zones over the past month (North Carolina – Eastern, Texas – Central, Utah – Mountain, Washington – Pacific). We have really put Sophie to the test with all this travel and she has done great!! So far we have logged:
  • Flight from Salt Lake City to Raleigh with a layover in Chicago
  • 3 hour drive from Raleigh to the coast
  • 3 hour drive from the coast to Raleigh
  • Flight from Raleigh to Dallas with a layover in Houston
  • Flight from Dallas to Salt Lake with layovers in San Antonio and Las Vegas
  • 13 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Sammamish
I will fly with her from Sammamish back to Salt Lake on Monday and am hoping that our good streak will continue.

On the plane from Dallas to Salt Lake

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