July 19, 2013

Sophie at 4 Months

This has been a great month with Sophie! We have traveled a lot and she has been able spend time with all of her extended family except Uncle Derek, who is on a mission in Brazil. We will be moving to our new place before the end of the month and I am excited to set up a room for her. I bought a few books and toys at the thrift store and my mom has done an excellent job shopping the local garage sales for furniture and d├ęcor. I am excited for her to have her own space where we can play and read with her!

Sophie at 4 Months
  • Is 25.5 inches long and weighs 14.5 pounds
  • Has pretty much outgrown her 3 month clothing and is making the transition to her 6 month wardrobe.
  • Sleeps great at night with only one feeding. We are now working on helping her learn to nap in the day for more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Is on the brink of learning to roll. She can go from her tummy to her back and is close to figuring out how to move from back to tummy.
  • Loves to be in a standing position! Her legs are very strong and she can stand on her own leaning on a table top or against a couch back.


Jane Anne said...

She is too cute!

Angela said...

I am excited to see a photo of her new cute room. Your daughter is adorable.