July 20, 2013

Sammamish 2013

Not even 24 hours after returning home from Texas we hit the road again and started our drive up to Washington. Sophie and I are visiting for two weeks, but Dave could only stay for one week because he had to return to Utah for a conference at BYU. While Dave was in town we went to the lake a couple times and spent the night up at the cabin.

Heading down to the lake – doesn’t she look excited?

In the big kayak with Anne – she loved being out on the water and kept saying we should go somewhere “far away”

Sophie with Grandmari on the beach while Dave and I were out on the water

Sleeping with Paco after a busy day

We bought a canoe at the thrift store, brought it up to the cabin, and took it out on the lake with my dad while Sophie stayed with my mom. It worked great!

Happy man – dog in one arm, baby in the other

The night we were up at the cabin we took a walk around Gold Creek Pond

And made a fire to roast marshmallows

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