July 11, 2013

North Carolina 2013

I'm finally getting around to the rest of our North Carolina beach vacation! I was a little worried about how the trip would go with Sophie - the plane trips, long car ride out to the coast, staying in a house with 18 people - but she did awesome! She was a great little traveler and didn't mind the noise or getting passed around to all the different people in the house. It was fun to spend the week with family, and it was especially nice to see some relatives we haven't seen in a few years and to meet Sophie's two new cousins that are just 3 and 5 months older than her.

Enjoying the wind with Grandma Howe

Why is baby so happy??

Daddy invented the best mobile ever! The AC vent in our room was just above the ceiling fan so it would slowly spin all day. It was Dave's idea to put her little shorts on the end and she loved to watch them go round and round.

Under the direction of Dave's brother Tim, we created the Cape Lookout lighthouse out of shells! It was a fun project for everyone to work on and then we gave it to Dave's mom for her birthday.

The humidity was making Sophie's hair curly, but since the only hair long enough to curl grows in a stripe right down the middle of her head, she had an awesome mohawk all week :)

Nap time with cousin Liam in the shade tent

Daddy multitasking - eating birthday cake during our white elephant gift exchange while putting the baby to sleep

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