July 22, 2013

More Summer Adventures

Even though Dave went back to Utah last week, Sophie and I found plenty of things to do. We had a lot of fun, but are excited to see Dave when we fly back home today.

Water skiing one morning on Lake Sammamish. This was the first “active” thing I've done since Sophie was born besides walking. I got up on my first try, but my poor arms gave out after a few minutes.

Sophie sometimes gets a bit fussy in the evenings and I've found the cure is to take her outside. She loves the outdoors and whenever we step out of the house it's instant happiness.

We picked 10 pounds of raspberries at Harvold Farms – we’re not making jam this year so these are all for eating!

If only I could eat this...

Sophie and I took a trip to downtown Seattle to visit the office where I worked for two years before we moved to Utah for Dave's MBA. All the visiting wore Sophie out. I never get tired of the views from this office!

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