May 15, 2013


Sophie has been smiling (for real) for a few weeks now, but I've had the hardest time getting a picture of her.  Her favorite place to smile is on the changing table, but diaper change is really not the best time for pictures. All the other times the camera is either on the other side of the room, she stops as soon as I turn it on, or she's moving around like crazy so the picture is a complete blur. Today, however, I finally caught it on camera!

I took Sophie outside in the late afternoon to lie on the grass, and by this face I would say she liked it :)

She seemed fascinated by the sky and was happy staring up at the blue for almost an hour - I think this will have to be part of our daily routine. Don't you just love her long eyelashes?!


AmyH said...

Such a cutie!! She needs to come over for a play date :)

Becca said...

Livy absolutely LOVED her changing table! We had it by the window, and she would just want to lay there with her big eyes looking outside. That was where we took most of the pictures of her too, when she's the most happy. Little Sophie is just to die-for-cute.

Unknown said...

It looks like she is thinking,
as she looks at the sky "I just came from there - I remember that place!"