April 13, 2013

Sleeping the day away

Sophie would sleep the day away if she could, but I have been making an effort to limit her daytime naps in hopes that she'll start sleeping better at night and it is starting to pay off!! Her "night" is now from about 1 am to 9 am. She will wake up 2-3 times during that period to eat, but will usually go back to sleep after. There are still times that she wakes up and stays up, but luckily that is no longer "normal" for her.

I hate waking her when she looks so peaceful, but it's worth it!

Her cat seat is especially sleep-inducing. In this picture she was out after being buckled in for only 30 seconds - I hadn't even put on my shoes yet.


Jane Anne said...

She is so darling. I think she definitely looks more like a Howe than a Lambert ... I love all that dark hair!!!

Amy Howe said...

she is so cute! she's changing already!!