April 4, 2013

Hello World

I am typing this at 3 am with just one hand (Sophie is holding my other hand, which is holding the pacifier in her mouth), so please forgive any typos :)

Because Sophie was born just after midnight, that first night didn't count towards our two night hospital stay so we were there from Monday evening until Thursday morning. I actually enjoyed our stay - the food was better than expected, Dave was able to stay with me the whole time, and we had lots of visitors come to welcome Sophie.

Meeting her grandma (my mom) right after being born

Family of Three!

Meeting Aunt Nat and future Uncle Brodie - Natalie is engaged!

Meeting her great grandma (my Grandma Mimi)

Meeting her cousin Anne, who was scared of her and didn't want to come any closer unless Grandma was holding her. Also there with Anne was my sister Amy and nephew Will.

Doing homework with daddy - Dave took a day off school to stay with us

Heading home!

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Brandi Litchfield said...

What??? Wow, maybe I should have a baby in Utah! Here you get 24 hours in the hospital from the time your baby is born! Glad your stay was enjoyable :)