March 17, 2013

Officially Late

As of today our girl is officially late and the waiting game continues. She is happy, so I am happy, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. I am seeing my doctor again on Monday and am hoping he will have some good news for us.

I grabbed this little dress at a clothing swap a few months ago - it would have been a little big, but I thought for sure she'd be here in time to wear it for St. Patty's. I guess she had other ideas, so this will have to do...

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R*R said...

Average first pregnancy is just over 41 weeks, you're doing wonderfully! my midwives told me to just ignore the due date and think of it as a birth month, with about two weeks on either side being perfectly normal. You're very smart to wait. As long as you're both doing well, there's no reason to rush! She might just need a wee bit more time to cook! :) Can't wait to see her!