March 8, 2013

39 Weeks

The end is near! Or at least I hope it is. I am now counting down the days, instead of weeks, and can't believe that she will be here any day now! So far I haven't had a single contraction or any other sign that labor is imminent. Right now she seems content to just hang out until her due date. I am not super comfortable, but overall feel really good.

I am still working full time at my school and am grateful that the bathroom is literally 10 steps from my desk :) Right now my plan is to work through next Friday, one day before my "official" due date. We'll see if I make it that long... I leave every day wondering if I'll be back in the next morning.


R*R said...

Eeeek! It's so close now! You're absolutely radiant! Officially, I went 3 days shy of 42 weeks with Alex. Unofficially, the midwives said he was more like 3 weeks over! Its uncomfortable, yes, but so exciting! And I really miss it now. ;) GOOD LUCK!!!!

Christina G said...

Yay! So cute! Good luck for the next week!!