January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012 - Part 2

After Christmas we still had another week and half to spend in Washington. We were very busy and never short on things to do. Some activities included a shopping spree at Value Village (my favorite thrift store), seeing the Hobbit, stomach flu (not fun), spending time at the cabin, lots of games, and lots of food.

The night after Christmas I had a baby shower with the people I grew up with in Sammamish. At the shower people shared funny parenting stories along the theme of "The Worst Thing My Child Ever Did". I laughed so hard at some of the stories and learned that no matter how vigilant a parent you are, kids will put you to the test. I'm sure we have a lot of exciting times headed our way! 

The Lambert & Paxman families - friends for over 12 years! 

Dave went snowboarding three times over the break with my dad and siblings. I'm too far along to join him on the slopes, but I was able to go for a snowshoe adventure in the woods near our cabin. There was lots of fresh snow, and we had a great time blazing our own trail.

The Snowshoe Gang - Brodie, Nat, Amy, me, dad & mom (Dave took the picture)

Knee deep under a snowy log

This year we spent a quiet New Year's Eve at the cabin with my family playing games, watching Amazing Race, and eating yummy food. In past years there has been a firework show at the top of the ski hill close by, but sadly nothing happened this year. We did, however, get to pull some New Year's poppers and were rewarded with these awesome toys and crowns. Welcome 2013!!

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