November 19, 2012

Welcome Winter

The last couple weeks have been pretty low key. We spent our time at home, and I found plenty of opportunities to take naps, drink hot chocolate, read, and start my Christmas shopping.

A big storm blew through Utah two weeks ago and we got about 10 inches of snow over three days. The storm taught me that Toms make horrible snow shoes, we haven't put an ice scraper in our car yet, and covered parking is awesome!

Despite the snow, we decided to drive down to Provo for Gifts of the Heart, a free clothing exchange for student families (there are some benefits of being eternal students!). I think our little girl should be set for the first few months of life. I can't wait until she's here!

After the exchange we stopped at my sister's apartment and Dave helped Anne build a "snowsman"

He helped her get the eyes and nose in, but she did the rest by herself :)

Since there was quite a bit of snow, they decided to make quite a few snowmen. It started out with a daddy, a mommy, and a baby and then Dave just kept adding babies until he couldn't make them any smaller.

While they played, I got to hold this little guy who wasn't all that thrilled with his makeshift snowsuit - I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the white. It was so pretty!

After the snow melted, a bunch of tumbleweeds blew into our complex. Dave gathered the ones by our building after we got home from church - I think there must be a tumbleweed breeding ground nearby...

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Kimberly Woodhead said...

Those clothes are so cute! We need to see a baby bump pic!! :)