November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday... to Me!

Yesterday I turned 27. I always love birthdays, but it's hard to believe how fast time flies by. Was I really only 20 when we got married? We started dating right right around my 20th birthday (he cooked me a steak on his roommate's George Foreman), and now look at us 7 birthdays later!

 While I was at work Dave made me my favorite cupcakes - funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting. Mmmm!

For my birthday dinner we went out to eat at Tucanos. My entire meal consisted of meat and lemonade - stomach space is at a premium for me right now and I didn't want to waste any room on side dishes!

Baby + Tucanos = Big Bump!
I feel like I grew a couple sizes after dinner tonight. I'm a little worried that nothing will fit after Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!


AmyH said...

Sophie is getting big! Time to bust out the maternity clothes :)

The Palmers said...

Yay Mel! Love the side pic. You look great. I can tell she's so cute already... and that she'll be a meat lover.