October 1, 2012

True Blue BYU Fans

When Dave got accepted to the University of Utah, we always thought that with time we might become Utah fans, but now I don't think that will ever happen. All our love is for BYU, although it was tough to love them after the Boise State game. Ugh. My heart hurt for a few days after that.

On Friday we got tickets to the game against Hawaii (thanks grandma!) It was a beautiful night and BYU played great. It was nice to finally see us score a touchdown, or two, or seven :)

Almost as entertaining as the game, however, was the woman in front of us. She had a churro and would first lick every groove, then suck on the churro like a popsicle, then bite off the end, and then lick the paper. It was very thorough, methodical, and strange...

Right on the 50 yard line - Go Cougars!


Heather Curtis said...

We went to that game too. I wish we could have seen you. I'm glad you are still loyal. Go cougs!

Christina said...

Melanie, I burst out laughing when you described the churro eating woman. I must admit, it sounded very strange, bizarre, etc.