October 2, 2012

Playing 9 Holes

Our new apartment complex is located across the street from a golf course. We brought our clubs with us from Washington and always say "sometime we should go golfing", and on Saturday evening we finally did! We had so much fun and hope to go again before it starts to get too cold.

We are definitely amateurs, but getting better. Dave is working on learning how to use a driver and hit straight (he only had to yell "fore" once when we went). I am trying to be more consistent with my swing - about half my shots are great, and the other half go 10 feet. I think we are both slowly improving, and hopefully with practice, we won't embarrass ourselves if we ever go golfing with people that actually know what they're doing.

I looked back, and I am wearing BYU gear in three of the last four posts. I guess you can tell which team I support!

Dave did great and even made par a few times!

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