October 16, 2012

Day 2, Park 2 - California Adventure

We spent day two at California Adventure Park. It was so much more fun than the last time I went 10 years ago! The new Cars land was impressive to walk through, and the Soaring Over California ride will always be one of my favorites.

Anne riding the carousel with Uncle Dave - there is no doubt he is one of her favorite people. At one point in the trip I found her in a room singing to herself "Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave."

Being pregnant made this trip a bit different for me. I have always loved the biggest, fastest rides at theme parks, but most of those are off limits now. While the rest of the family was at Tower of Terror, my mom and I had a fun time with Anne in Bug's Life land.

In line for Toy Story Midway Mania - this is a newer ride that was definitely one of my favorites! You ride in a little car and have a gun that doesn't actually shoot anything, but the 3D glasses make it look like you are firing balls, darts, etc... at targets. My score wasn't that great because Anne was pulling the trigger while I aimed, but we both had fun!

The big event at California Adventure is the "World of Color" performance at night that uses water, fire, lights, and video projected on the mist. It was amazing! If you are going soon, make sure you get a fast pass for this as soon as you enter the park - it will give you reserved seating for the show right on the pier, and it's well worth it!!

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