July 21, 2012

Summer in Sammamish

We've spent the last week in Sammamish visiting my family. It's been super fun because my sister Amy was also here with her two kids, and my sister Natalie was here with her friend Brodie. We leave to go back home to Utah in a few days and I'm sad to see our vacation come to an end, but I'm also feeling anxious to get back to our apartment that we left only two days after moving in.

Picking raspberries with the family - our buckets are empty for this picture, but we went home with 16 pounds of berries - yummy! We've been eating raspberries like crazy for the past couple days, and I made a bunch of freezer jam that will hopefully last us for a year.

Fun on the Lake - we've been down at the lake pretty much every other day while we've been here either boating, riding the wave runner, or just swimming around. I LOVE Lake Sammamish!!

Dave's flying dismount from the wake surf

I tried out the new paddle board and had a great time!

Orienteering with Jobe, Nat, & Brodie - we participated in a summer orienteering meet during our visit. Dave and I were racing Nat and Brodie and we beat them by 1 minute 40 seconds! They are in way better shape than us, but our map reading skills prevailed. After the course there was a BBQ in someones backyard and we met a guy that ran the entire thing (through the woods with brambles and blackberries) barefoot. We asked him about it and apparently he never wears shoes. Strange...

Day of Work. - During our visits we normally help with a few projects at my parent's house. Last year Dave helped to build a balcony, and this year he helped my dad take down a tree in the front yard. My dad did all the chainsaw work and Dave got to carry the rubble to the trailer. Lucky guy - it was a big tree. I don't think the girls were just sitting around while the boys were slaving away - my mom and I  organized the pantry and a couple closets, all of which are now sparkly clean!


The Palmers said...

Hazel would be in heaven with 16 lbs. of berries! So would I! Yum yum. It looks so fun out there.

Heather Curtis said...

I wanted to see a picture of Brodie :) I love lake Sammamish! I can't wait to go again!!! And sorry about my other comment... I should have known it was in Sammamish with Amy and Jobe there... seriously CRAZY about the bear though!