July 15, 2012


Before we left Texas, we had a steak-off in which the boys were each responsible for grilling one pound of steak. I am a meat lover so I always look forward to this event!! The entries were judged by the family, and could earn points in four different categories: presentation, tenderness, flavor, and funny.

Surf n' Turf: Dave's dad served up marinated steaks on a bed of goldfish crackers (yes you read that right). It scored high in the "funny" category, but the cheddar fishies weren't enough to get a win this year.

Sneezed on a Plate: Greg topped each of his steak bites with a dollop of guacamole. The overall consensus was appealing to the stomach, but not to the eye.

Blood n' Bananas: Tim got creative with the produce and served up steak with a lovely banana garnish. And even though it was the exact same cut of meat as Greg's steak, it out scored Sneezed on a Plate by 19 points in the tenderness category - there was some bitterness.

Steak a la Coleman: Dave used a garlic marinade for his steak, and served it by lantern light with sauteed onions. This was my personal favorite (I am biased), but the rest of the family seemed to enjoy it also and Dave took first place this year!

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