July 30, 2012

Six Years

Another year's gone by, and just like all the rest, it was a good one! Last year we took an anniversary trip to Snowbird, and had so much fun that we decided to come back again.  Since our actual anniversary was on a Sunday, we spent the night in eating good food and watching the Olympics. On Monday, the first day of our 7th year of marriage, we took a hike in the beautiful mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We rode the tram to the top of Hidden Peak (the little tower and hut on the left), and then hiked all the way along the ridge and down into the valley.

Dave at the end of the ridge

After hiking down off the ridge into the valley, we followed a trail back up to the mountain to the top a chairlift. It turned out to be a pretty intense  hike for us out of shape people, so we really enjoyed riding the chairlift back down to the bottom. Phew! Our legs will be burning tomorrow.

Yay for six years - we're looking forward to many more!

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Natalie Fish said...

Happy six years! Love and miss you both