July 14, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

We spent the last week in Texas with the Howe family. We played disc golf, saw Spiderman, went to Top Golf, played tons of games, swan with our niece and nephews, hung out with friends, and ate at least once a day. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out for any of this so no pictures :(

On Friday I finally remembered my camera for our outing to the Dallas World Aquarium, which is sort of an aquarium combined with a zoo. One of the selling points for the place? The entire thing is indoors and air conditioned!

Apparently there is a tropical island out there with our name on it! I think I know where we need to go on our next vacation...

The Howe women are known for their strength (I never knew manatees were so big!)

Dave has always wanted to be a fish

Happy times in Texas!

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