April 22, 2012

Two Degrees Down, One to Go!!

Dave graduated from the BYU MBA program on Friday!! My parents, his parents, and his sister Elizabeth all joined me at the Marriott Center for the big event (and big it was - there were almost 1,000 graduate and undergraduate students walking).

We are both so glad he decided to go back to school and can't believe how fast the last two years went by. It was a great experience! According to Dave, however, finishing the MBA program for him was kind of like graduating from middle school. He has completed one more step in his education, but still has the final big step to complete - the PhD. University of Utah, here we come!!

The graduate student robes have strange sleeves, kind of like a dementor, don't you think?

The academic hood that looked a lot like a tail before we figured out how to put it on correctly

He's done - I am so happy and so proud!!


Eli said...

Congrats, David!

R*R said...

Congrats guys! :)

Christina said...

Great news about grad school at the U. It is really exciting!