February 16, 2012

My New Digs

A couple weeks ago my boss decided to have me take on more projects. The extra work and the front desk, however, would be too much for one person to handle. I am still working the front desk in the afternoons, but in the mornings I have been moved to my own office ...formerly known as the water heater room!

In addition to the water heater, my closet (as I call it) also has a filing cabinet and a small desk. I need to remember to bring a few picture frames and other trinkets from home to give it a bit more personality.

It really is as tiny as it looks - I wedged myself in the corner for this picture and still couldn't get a very good shot. The desk only extends about another foot to the left, and just beyond the desk is the door. Sometimes I feel like Harry Potter in my 'cupboard under the stairs', but thankfully there are no spiders in there! I'm not complaining though - it's cozy, warm, quiet, and I've been very productive.


Plus, I am the only person in the school that has a "skylight"! (I really have no idea what this long tube that runs up to the ceiling is for, but it does let in a good amount of natural light.)


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