January 14, 2012

Quick Trip to Sammamish

On Thursday we left Utah for a quick trip to Sammamish for Derek's farewell. After arriving in Seattle, we went straight up to the cabin from the airport for some time in the mountains.

Near our cabin there is a wilderness area that is perfect for snowshoeing because you can traipse around in the woods, blazing your on trail, because it's impossible to get lost! You don't have to worry about keeping track of where you are because the forest is bounded by a creek, a highway, power lines, and a ski run so, unless you 're walking in perfect circles, eventually you'll run into a boundary that you can follow back home.

Snowshoeing with my mom, Derek, Dave, and Jobe (the dog) - in this picture we are boldly crossing a stream of water only a few inches deep

Derek will be leaving soon for Teresina, Brazil, which is right on the equator and the temperature rarely goes below 75 degrees

Just Dave and I went on a second snowshoe adventure again today. There was fresh snow on the ground and the mountains should get another foot (or more!) over the weekend. We will hopefully be able to ski on Monday before we have to go home!

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