January 2, 2012

Fun with Friends

All of our friends ended up back in Texas after school, so it's really fun to spend time with them whenever we make a trip down there. Even though we were really busy doing stuff with family, we found time to spend 3-4 nights to hang out with the gang. Just like old times!

Night at James and Christie's house - the boys played Super Smash Brothers, while the girls made cookies.

Whirlyball - we changed around teams several times so I have no idea who won in the end. Pretend the picture is blurry because we are moving so fast, not because I have a cheap camera. We had a lot of fun...

... and drove a car through the barrier wall to knock both doors off their hinges. Yeah Donny!

On New Years Eve we had a party at Dave's house with friends and family. The video is James vs. Ben playing Raving Rabbids on the Kinect - this was a game where you try to dodge falling projectiles, avoid lasers, jump out of bear traps, and shake sticky bombs of your legs. Hilarious!

We also played several rounds of Wackee Six, held a Bunko tournament (Christie won!), counted down to the New Year, and then played four square in the church parking lot across the street.

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The Palmers said...

oh man.. that video made me very happy. thank you for videoing that. i didn't realize what i missed!! sorry i didn't get to say bye before 4 square.. heard it was a blast! i enjoyed my bed. it was great to see y'all!