January 10, 2012

BYU Basketball and a Birthday

Saturday was our niece Anne's second birthday. Ever since we took her to a game a few months ago, Anne has been obsessed with BYU and basketball. Since we had tickets to the game the day of her birthday (thanks grandma Mimi!), we decided to take her with us.

Meeting Cosmo (aka Beast) - she was a little shy when he first came over, but was all smiles after he left

The huge Cosmo we found when we left our seats at half time to run around and get some wiggles out

During the second half Anne suddenly became very affectionate and would hug Dave, and then hug me, back and forth and back and forth. I guess she like her birthday?!

Towards the end of the game Anne started to get a little restless, but Dave has a unique talent for inventing ways to keep kids entertained. This game is called Feeding Frosty and it turned eating one goldfish cracker into a minute long process. She ate a lot of fishies this way - no one ever said pez dispensers are exclusively for candy!

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