January 17, 2012

BIG Snow

After Derek gave a great farewell talk (he will be an amazing missionary!) at church, which was nearly canceled due to snow, we went back up to the cabin for some more mountain fun. The snow fell pretty steady throughout the day and pretty soon we were in our very own winter wonderland.


I took advantage of all this fluffy goodness and helped myself to several snow cones. (I just may be a snow cone junkie). The recipe is simple: Step 1 - Go outside and gather snow. Step 2 - Flavor snow. I am partial to cherry/lime and blackberry/peach. Step 3 - Eat, then repeat!


On Monday we were able to ski with my mom and dad, and Derek. We went to Hyak, which is only a couple minutes from our cabin, and had a great time! This was our first ski trip of the year, so we didn't really have our "ski legs" yet, and by the end of the day we were both wiped out. I've been exercising pretty regularly, but skiing is a whole different workout and my thighs and calves were really feeling the burn.

The morning after we got home I got this report and picture from my dad:

Big snow at the cabin today. I was in the valley and couldn't get up as the freeway was closed for 7 hours. Derek cleared 21 inches off the driveway and then tried to drive to the resort. He made it a car length before getting stuck. The guy running the grader came by and helped him break free and get it back in the driveway. Hoping for big pow tomorrow and being able to get out of our road.

Looks like we left to get back home just in time! Now we need the snow to head down to Utah so we can start using our tickets to Snowbird....


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