January 29, 2012

Best of 2011

I have tons of pictures on my computer just taking up space on my hard drive. Some of them make it on to the blog, but I hardly ever have them printed, and if I do, they just sit in an envelope in my closet. Last year I decided it was time to do something more.

I searched through all the pictures we had taken since 2006, picked my favorite 10-15 from each year, and then had each year printed as an 8x10 collage. These are now hanging in my hall and I LOVE to look at them. It's so fun to look back at our life over the past 5 years and remember all the fun things we've done - trips, dates, family events, holidays, etc...

The 2011 Edition (that will join the photo wall as soon as I get a frame)


Some highlights of 2011 include: skiing at Snowbird, cheering on Jimmer and the BYU basketball team, our 5 year anniversary, a trip to the North Carolina coast with the Howe family, attending the final Harry Potter movie premiere, spending time with the Lamberts in Utah, and Christmas with the Howe family in Texas. It was a great year!!

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