December 1, 2011

One in a Million

We were not hit by lightening (thank goodness), nor did we win a big prize (dang!), but we were on the receiving end of gift card fraud, not once, but twice! Aren't we lucky?

It all started when I got a gift card to Macy's from my work in July 2010 before moving to Utah...

Timeline of Events:

November 2010 - Dave and I went shopping at Macy's. When I tried to use the gift card I was told the balance was $0.00. I said that wasn't possible because we had never used the card. The store told me to call customer service. Customer service told me the card had recently been used by someone in California. I told them that I was in UT and those purchases weren't made by me. Since I still had the receipt to prove ownership of the card, Macy's sent me a replacement card.

December 2010 - Replacement card with a different 18-digit number arrived loaded with loaded $150 and all was well... or so I thought...

December 2011 - I was at Macy's picking up a suit for my brother. While there I decided to do a little shopping. When I tried to use the replacement gift card sent to me earlier, I was told the balance was $0.00. So I called customer service again and learned that the card had been used a few weeks ago in California, running the balance down to $0.00. I explained my story, that this exact same thing had happened the year before. At first they were skeptical and called in the manager to look at my case, but since I still had the original card & receipt, and the replacement card, I was able to prove I was telling the truth.

So somewhere in California someone has $300.00 worth of Macy's merchandise, BUT  I should have my third, and hopefully final, gift card soon. And this time, I'm going to spend the money before someone else does. Oh the magic of Macy's!

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R*R said...

How ridiculous! Smart girl, keeping the receipts!