December 13, 2011

Oh Pomegranate

This bowl represents a good portion of my evening (and I haven't even done the dishes or wiped up the juice splatters yet). I don't care what method you use - a pomegranate is not easy to open. I think it's probably the only fruit that you spend more time preparing than you do consuming.

But when I am eating this as a snack tomorrow at work, all the cutting, peeling, picking, and retreiving of escaped seeds will have have been worth it...yummy!


Heather Curtis said...

I have one word for you: COSTCO! They sell the pomegranates already seeded and it is SO awesome! I used to feel your pain and now I will never go back. Costco has sold me... the pomegranates already seeded taste just as delightful and are so yummy... without the work and splatters.

The Palmers said...

well, i've never taken all the seeds out, but i've seen people do it on the food network by smacking the back of the pom with a wooden spoon or something once it's already cracked open. i guess i should try that sometime. to add to heather's comment, costoco also sells chocolate covered pom seeds... um, yes! please!