December 31, 2011

BYU Bowl Game

BYU was invited to play at the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, which happened to take place in Dallas! Convenient, huh? We went to the game with Dave's dad, brothers, and sister. It was a beautiful day and we were able to wear t-shirts and even got a little bit pink from the sun.

The Cougars were matched against the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. Even though Tulsa is just one state over, there were a lot of BYU fans in attendance and the cheering sections for each school were about even.

BYU struggled a bit during the first two quarters, but scored a touchdown with 12 seconds left in the half to cut Tulsa's lead to 10-14. After the half, things picked up and BYU and Tulsa traded touchdowns, until BYU scored with 11 seconds left in the game to win the game 24-21. GO COUGARS!


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AmyH said...

Looks like you had a super fun trip!