November 28, 2011

School Spirit Day

The Friday before Thanksgiving my school had its first Spirit Day of the year. In the past we've had pajama day, crazy hair day, red shirt day, sports apparel day - all "normal" spirit days.

This year we let "Scholar Council" (3rd-6th graders elected to student government positions) choose the theme. What did they come up with??

Mustache & Talk-With-an-Accent Day!

I'm not that great with accent, but I can do a mustache. Rather than draw on my face, I ordered a 6-pack of stick-on mustaches online to share with the rest of the office.  During our calendar meeting on Friday it was impossible to get through our items of business without laughing. We looked so ridiculous - my boss looked just like Mario - and I wish we had taken a picture of us all together.

Modeling (if you can even call it that - I suck at modeling) my "Bandit" stache:

Some things I learned during my day as a mustached women:
  • There were several parents that didn't get the memo that it was mustache day. When they came into the office, moms stared at me like I was a psycho. The first few times it happened I explained that it was spirit day, but after awhile I gave up, kept a straight face and just let them wonder...
  • It's incredibly hard to eat or drink without making a mess. The 6th grade cooking class made smoothies, and I never knew drinking through a straw could be so difficult.
  • If you're ever going to wear a stick-on mustache, make sure you are SMILING when you put it on or your face muscles will be frozen in a frown position like you've just had botox injections.

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