October 8, 2011

School Pictures & Me 20 Years Later

Part of working at a school means having your picture taken on school picture day. I had my mom send me my kindergarten photo for comparison. Below is my kindergarten self at 5 years old, and my present self at 25 years old.

How do they compare?
  • Hair - still reddish and wavy, although now I straighten so you can't tell. Thank goodness the little wispy hairs up front either disappeared or grew into full length hair.
  • Eyebrows - still dark and a different color from my hair. One of the most common questions my brother and I get is "Do you dye your hair? It doesn't match your eyebrows."
  • Eyes - still brown, although now there's some green mixed in so they aren't quite as dark.
  • Nose - exactly the same and still bleeds every time I get hit in the face, blow my nose, the weather's cold/hot/dry, or for no apparent reason.
  • Freckles - I'm pretty sure I have more freckles now than as a kid. I don't really see any on my kindergarten self, but now after each summer I always have a good collection on my nose and cheeks.
  • Teeth - improvement! Braces for a year & good dental hygiene have paid off!
  • Skin - still pale
  • Height - taller! but still on the short side. When we took the faculty picture I was on the front row, where I've always been my whole life.
Grab a photo of your kid self - it was fun to look at all the changes, or lack of changes. I guess I grew up alright :)

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