October 19, 2011

Rise and Shout the Lamberts are Out!

This last week my parents were in town, and it was a busy few days! We ate out (a lot), saw a movie, played games, and went through the temple with my brother who is leaving on his mission in January. We also took advantage of the fact that we were all in one place and had family photos taken. The pictures were taken up the canyon and hopefully worked out well (I haven't seen them yet).

On the way back, however, we changed into our BYU gear and had a passerby take our picture in front the cougar outside the stadium. It's so fun that we all went to, or are currently attending, the same school and have this tradition in our family!

As for the two of us, not much is new.  We are currently on track to watch season three of Psych in less than a week, we just bought a new TV remote so now we can change channels and adjust volume without having to get up, and Dave and I had a friend connection of only 68/100 the last time we played Wii party. We're both working hard (Dave is getting ready to apply to PhD schools), playing hard (hooray for intramurals), are healthy, happy, and loving life!


Jane Anne said...

That family picture is AWESOME. I love it :) Yay Lamberts. ps thank you SOOO much for grandma's football tickets. I am so excited to get to go to a game! I get homesick every time I see them on TV :)

Christina G said...

Are you the other ones waiting for Psych at the Orem library? We finally get to pick up season 2 tonight! :) Hope you are having fun with it!