September 2, 2011

Get off the couch & get your head in the game!

Lately Dave and I have had some trouble keeping busy at night. We've just been sitting around looking for somthing fun to do. 

Problem solved. This fall we are each going to play on four intramural teams. I'm playing women's soccer, women's volleyball, women's flag football and co-ed kickball. Dave is playing kickball, men's ultimate frisbee, men's flag football, and men's volleyball. Yesterday I got out the calendar

Behold our schedule for September - 25 games in 23 days

There are also 8 more games in October, and then the extra games for playoffs. Are you tired just looking at this? I am. We're not exactly in tip-top shape right now so this should help out. The next month will bring the end of sitting around, several loads of laundry, more showers, hopefully no injuries, and lots of fun!


Ryan said...

hahah. This just made me so happy. I love it. Good luck!!! I hope you each get 4 t-shirts too :)

Becca said...

That comment was Becca not Ryan:) I'm sure that post would make Ryan happy too, he probably just wouldn't do smiley faced and as many... !!!!