August 16, 2011

NC Beach Trip 2011

We just got back from a great trip to Emerald Isle, NC with the Howe family. This was our fourth trip to this amazing beach since we've been married. Last year we weren't able to get a trip together and went camping at Turner Falls instead. That was fun, but this was so much better!

We all stayed in a house right on the beach and spent our time enjoying the water, playing in the sand, reading on the deck, playing games, eating food, staying up late, and getting up early (thanks to the cutest alarm clock ever).

At one point we had 21 people in the house for dinner - 18 adults, 2 kids, and one baby. I was a little relieved that our dinner night was over, and I wasn't responsible for feeding that many people! It's always amazing how fast a week can go by when you're having fun.

Below are some highlights of our trip.

Successfully flying a kite - it was a windy day and it only landed on the roof of the house once</>

Normally the water at our beach is pretty calm, but thanks to the residual effects of Hurricane Emily, we had some decent sized waves at the beginning of the trip!

No hands!

Skip disc ultimate:  what you get when you play frisbee in the water with a disc that skips along the surface. You wouldn't believe what good exercise running in the water is - I was always exhausted by the end.

Racing cousin Shane for the skip disc. Watch out - Dave is a beast in the water!

Enjoying a sunset and a great trip!



Aaron and Megan said...

I love the Carolinas!! So glad that you had fun!!

Amy Howe said...

I LOVE the shots of the boys "flying" and that one of you flying the kite is way cool!

Alyssa H said...

Lincoln was a good alarm clock wasn't he :)