July 22, 2011


On Wednesday we were able to go to a Sounders game in Seattle! The Sounders always draw huge crowds, and there was also a Katy Perry concert that night so we left early to avoid traffic. Since we had some extra time in the city and the weather was gorgeous, we made a couple side trips before going to the stadium.

At Pike's Place Market we made a contribution to the gum wall - so cool and so gross at the same time.

The Sounders were playing a "friendly" match against Manchester United. We got destroyed (to be expected when playing a world-class team), but it was still very fun. Before the game, we went to a dinner hosted by AON, the sponsor for Man U. They gave us all red scarves, and I wore mine to support both teams. At the game with us was my sister Natalie, her boyfriend Bryan, and my mom and dad.

Then off to the stadium!  It was packed with 67,000 fans (a sold out crowd) and everyone was so energized. I almost felt like I was at a quidditch match.

At the game in our "Rave Green" shirts - an official color here in Seattle that I just love. Way more exciting than the traditional red or blue jerseys.

My dad showing his team spirit during one of the cheers

Plus, we found some more tree sweaters! They're popping up everywhere...

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Alyssa H said...

GUM WALL eeeeeeeeewwww:)

Sounds Fun!

See you in Emerald Isle!