June 10, 2011

Timpanogos Caves

To hike to Stewart Falls we had to buy a recreation pass to American Fork Canyon. The pass is good for 3 days, so we figured we'd take advantage of this and get back for another hike before the pass expired. It was a gorgeous day and we left early before the day got too hot.

Up to Timpanogos Caves! And the trail is literally straight up the whole way, no flat spots anywhere, but we made great time and got to the top 45 minutes before our scheduled tour time.

Some of the cave's beautiful features - it was a great tour!

Dave squeezing through a tight spot - you had to wear backpacks on your front so you wouldn't accidently brush up against the cave.

My stylish arm warmers (that are actually leg warmers). The caves stay around 45 degrees year round so you need to bring a coat. I wanted to keep my pack light, however, so I just took a thin jacket and used these beauties for supplemental warmth.

Good hike, good tour, good times!


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Heather Curtis said...

I've never done the caves even though they are so close to where I live. Someone told me it would be fine to take the boys up there. Were they smoking? What do you think? By the way, you look stellar in those pics... especially the last one. You are gorgeous! I'm sad we didn't get to hang out this week. We will have to soon.