June 2, 2011

Something to Celebrate!

Exciting news! Today Dave was awarded a $3,000 scholarship for fall semester! We weren't expecting this at all and were very happy when he was notified of his achievement today. Dave worked very hard this year and finished in the top 10% of his MBA class. I am so proud!!

Also exciting - today was the last day of school!! I didn't just survive my first year, I loved it! I'm looking forward to getting the office organized over the summer, but it sure will seem quiet without 550 little bodies of energy to watch over.

4th graders heading home for the last time this year

Today was also parties-all-around day and when you work at the front desk all leftover treats eventually make their way back to you. And because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, I accepted all offerings that came my way, which is why my lunch today was: a slice of 6th graduation cake, a birthday cupcake, a Krispy Kreme from 1st grade, popcorn from 4th grade, grapes from 2nd grade, cotton candy from 3rd grade, nothing from 5th grade because their party was at a park, and some white chocolate pretzels that mysteriously appeared on my desk. Feeling sick yet? I didn't until later that night. Oh  oh oh oh....

After my delicious and nothing nutritious (except the grapes) lunch, I still had room for dinner so we went out to eat. Texas Roadhouse has a great early bird special, and we LOVE their rolls. Then to top off the day we decided to do something we never, ever do - order a drink :)

Adding some extra lime to my cherry limeade. Mmmm. It was a good day


And, per Dave's request, I will add this last picture because it is a family blog and he does have input and I love him. I don't like it, but it's his favorite. He thinks I look very happy with my drink (which I am), but I think I look like I've had a few too many (which I haven't - this was 100% alcohol free).


AmyH said...

You do look a bit tipsy:) Congrats on the scholarship!!

Heather Curtis said...

I think you look good! You are so ecstatic, it makes me want to order that drink! Or truth be told, I am just majorly craving Texas Roadhouse, period. It sounds so amazing! YUM!!!! And your job pretty much sounds like the best thing ever. I want in someday when my kids are older. You'll have to teach me all the secrets. Lets get together soon!