June 6, 2011

Looking back on a fun, but short season

This year we bought a kickball roster and gathered together some friends (Scott & Christina George), family (Nat), and friends of family (Nat's crew) to play with us. Go Germaine's Seeds!

Dave "pitching" to me. This photo is from my friend Christina - she takes WAY better pictures than I do, so I'm using hers and not even putting mine up :) Thanks Christina!


I asked Dave what he would say about our kickball team, and his reply was a laugh... which I guess is a pretty accurate description of how our season went.

In the first inning of every game we could never get anyone out - it was like a curse. We'd give up 8 runs, and then come up to bat and score 0. Later we'd do awesome and run down fly balls, kick a grand slams, but it was always too little, too late.

Our team was plagued by injuries. We had two sprained ankles, a dislocated shoulder, and a pulled groin so some people could run, but not throw, and others could throw, but not run.

We got in trouble with the refs when our players started "planking" on home plate during the game.

One of our teammates came to a game wearing a dress and sandals, but was told she needed closed toe shoes to play. Rather than sideline herself,  she wore another teammate's topsiders that were 4 sizes too big over her sandals - it was awesome to watch her run the bases!

In summary: We lost every game, but we had fun, and that is all that matters.

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AmyH said...

Too bad we weren't in town. Jeremy is an intramural kickball champion:) And Anne and I make awesome cheerleaders!