May 13, 2011

Mini Golf, Mucho Fun

Friday was gorgeous so we decided that part of our date that night had to be outdoors. After going to dinner on the $13 Chili's gift cart we dug out of one of our desk drawers, we thought it would be fun to play mini golf.

We decided that it would probably be better to play at Cascade's course rather than Trafalga to avoid weekend crowds. It was definitely the right choice. We practically had the place to ourselves, which was great because it's never fun to wait behind a big group of teenagers trying to hit their ball over every barrier. After playing through the first 18 holes on Course 1, we got our money's worth and played through Course 2 as well.

Dave had a little trouble with one of the water hazards

Which turned into a lot of trouble... He actually got it out on his first try, but then Friday the 13th bad luck hit and it bounced off the wall right back into the water. After 4 more unsuccessful puddle shots, he took the max score for the hole and we moved on.

I actually didn't do that awesome either, but thanks to a couple lucky hole-in-ones I was able to beat Dave both games - go me!