April 9, 2011

Yes, Another Post About Skiing

Today was the start of my Spring Break - except outside it looked more like Christmas Break. It's been dumping in the mountains so of course we raced off to Snowbird! My dad is visiting this week with some friends for a ski trip and we were able to meet up with them on the mountain for a few runs. He also treated us to lunch at the lodge - BBQ brisket sandwiches,delicious!!

All the new powder was great, but by the end of the day we both had a serious case of leg burn and could barely make it through our last run. Great way to end the season, and now it's time to pack up our stuff until next year.

Taking a Breather

Life is Good

On our way out I left a little something on the hood of my dad's car. At least I think it was my dad's car (he's driving a rental). I guess some stranger might have returned from their ski day to this snowman surprise - lucky them!

And to top off a nearly perfect day, I found this nearly perfect snowflake on our side mirror. It looked better before I rolled down my window to take a picture and the defroster killed it. Oops.

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AmyH said...

Is the snowman's smile made of pretzels? He's very cute!